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What Is Direct Democracy?

The TPRP voting system explained

1. Get your vote

TPRP is egalitarian. Every registered member enrolled in TPRP receives one vote for each policy proposal, every officer election and constituency candidate.

2. Swap your vote

Swap away your votes on issues you don't care about, for an additional voting credit you can use on issues you do.

3. Cast your vote

TPRP members will vote based on our Direct Democracy system. This is where you can make your voice heard.

Join the movement

Modernise our democratic system

TPRP is now a nationally registered 
political party!

Nine reasons why the TPRP voting system will be great


1. Empower specialists

Good policy is informed by policy expertise. TPRP will enable specialists and experts, with the support of the British people, to meaningfully impact policy in their fields, in a way they never have before.


2. Built in progress through trade


Growing trade in resources is one of the main drivers of growing prosperity. TPRP brings this logic to the political arena, by encouraging participants to focus on the areas of politics they're most passionate about.


3. Votes you can trust


All member votes are made publicly available on the party forum, to ensure voting privacy and voting integrity and well balanced & trusted we have ensured a party member voted for by the members volunterily checks the votes as well as signed a non-disclosure agreement.

4. Stops backroom deals

By distributing power away from brokers, middle men and party rooms, TPRP makes backroom deals difficult and ineffective. Instead of convincing political operatives, lobbyists will have to convince us, the British people.

5. Better legislation


By harnessing the power of opportunity cost and comparitive advantage, specialists will be allowed to produce better legislation than generalists, like your local member. Our process makes it easier for good legislation, backed by Britain’s best and brightest, to rise to the top.


6. Empower voters

TPRP enables passionate Britons become fully involved in the political process, and to focus on the issues they care most about, and are best suited to impact. This means ordinary Brits can set about solving the problems in their own communities.

7. Encourages criticism and debate

TPRP encourages a culture of criticism. Voters examine new policy before it's enacted. Our process demands that policy options can withstand rigorous criticism from many perspectives in society.

8. Ends corruption

Shadowy lobbyists for the big banks and corporations are going to hate TPRP. Instead of wandering parliament corridors to win over Westminster insiders, they'll have to persuade ordinary people, the way it should be.

9. A launchpad for ideas

TPRP encourages Britons to bring their great ideas for their communities to the political arena. You won’t have to be a powerful political organisation to innovate for Britain's benefit.

Join the movement

Modernise our democratic system

TPRP is now a nationally registered 
political party!