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The Environment

Home Insulation
•    It’s widely acknowledged that insulation (e.g. cavity wall or loft) is the biggest, quickest way of improving the energy efficiency of the nation’s housing stock.

•    Whilst many people have taken it upon themselves to install insulation, and there have been some limited local authority programs, this should be accelerated through a nationwide program.

•    The most efficient way of achieving the program will be on a street-by-street basis, where homeowners and residents get a personal visit from a trained assessor, and then offered assistance in installing insulation by offering preapproved suppliers at a reduced, pre-negotiated rate. Subsidy should be offered to homeowners with low incomes. As well as helping to arrange installation, the program’s staff would offer to manage the insulation, overseeing the work so that the resident doesn’t need to take any time off work.

•    Landlords should be compelled to install insulation if the tenants accept the program, and restricted from immediately raising rental prices.

•    The program should be supported by a nationwide communication’s campaign and local community organising.

•    The target should be that at least 95% of residential buildings should have adequate insulation by 2020.