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Law & Order

General Reform and enforcement

  • Full reinstatement of legal aid with the exception of Terrorism suspects (if found to be innocent then legal fees will be reimbursed.)

  • Senior judges shall be appointed through open parliamentary hearings and MUST be constitutionally minded with a proven track record.

  • Abolish the two-tier justice system.

  • Strip corporations of legal status of a ‘Person’.

  • Political correctness will be removed 100% from all areas of legal and front-line services.

  • A crack team will directly target all gangs in the major cities using the full force of the state.

  • Tony Blair and all those who knowingly aided us into the illegal and fraudulent Iraq war MUST face a public trial for treason.

  • A crackdown of ALL pedophiles nationwide will occur with special attention being paid to elite networks who have been trafficking, raping and murdering children for many, many decades.

  • Grooming gangs will be targeted by the same crack team relentlessly from day one.

Family Courts & Social Services Reform

  • Family courts will be fundamentally changed.

  • The basic facts of all proceedings will be publicly available with only identifying information of those involved hidden for privacy reasons, so that the public have transparency of judges decisions and they can be held to account.

  • Ofsted adoption targets will be scrapped

  • PAFC23 will be immediately repealed.

  • Contact orders will be automatically enforceable by arrest for non-compliance.

Counter-Terrorism Strategy

  • ALL approximately 450 ISIS fighters will be detained for no less than 15 years and release only considered if every consideration of zero threat is met.

  • The over 20,000 other potential jihadi’s will undergo extreme vetting. Those found to be supporting terrorism will be detained for a minimum of 10 years.

  • Secure the borders by tripling the border control agents and give them all means necessary to do their jobs most effectively.

  • Imprison ALL of the 450 plus fighters that have been to Syria and Iraq to fight, with the notable exception of those who fought for the YPG, for life.

  • Put the remaining 21,000 potential Jihadi's in the UK on stricter Terrorism prevention orders and do an extreme vetting analysis, where it can be determined if they are a threat to society. If still considered a threat, then de-radicalised via a centre, or camp, or imprisoned if necessary, and those found innocent shall be released from legal constraints and compensated to cover lost wages etc.


  • Release the full report of the government inquiry into terror funding that spells out that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE among others are financing Jihadi's.

  • Close down ALL Salafist mosques.

  • Outlaw ALL Salafist teachings.

  • Stop selling arms to countries like Saudi Arabia.

  • STOP participating in all illegal interventionist wars of aggression.

  • Release ALL information held by intelligence services pertaining to others, like the CIA & MI6, who have been arming/providing support for Jihadi groups.

  • Stop our security services from arming or supporting in any way "rebels" or any other such groups anywhere in the world.

  • Release ALL information pertaining to Peter Power and the true events of 7/7.

  • Instruct GCHQ to target Salafist communities ONLY to ensure all those who are radicals are known and diminish any potential threat significantly.


  • A single, secular oath will replace the current options for witnesses in all court proceedings.

  • Specifically, outlaw religious courts, such as Sharia Law courts, by banning their operations within and outside the legal system. Support the One Law for All campaign.

  • Integrate juries into the various magistrate courts, so that everyone, regardless of crime or ability to appeal, may have the right to trial by a jury of their peers.

  • A review will be carried out into the composition of juries, especially for complex trials.


  • Implement rigorous legal protections for whistle-blowers. 

  • We are opposed to the removal of British citizenship as a sentence for committing criminal offences, which may leave individuals stateless with the exception of convictions for Terrorism.