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  • Common purpose and any other discriminatory group or organization shall be outlawed. Equal opportunities under the law for all people, must apply everywhere, no longer will enforced quotas based upon sex, race or sexuality exist.

  • Complete overhaul of the official secrets act, lifting of all in the public interest.

Royal Secrecy

  • Fully include the monarchy within the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), so that the royal household is legally obliged to respond to information requests.

  • Repeal existing exemptions from the FOIA that allow communications between other government bodies and the members of the royal family to be kept secret.

  • Adopt full disclosure of royal lobbying and influence, including disclosure of meetings between members of the royal family and ministers.

Home Affairs

The City of London Corporation

  • The City of London Corporation is an effrontery to modern democracy and it embodies all that is wrong with British society. We demand immediate wide-reaching reform of the City and its institutions.

  • Our foremost aim is to abolish the City of London Corporation and replace it with a City of London Council.

  • We will repeal Clause 13 of the Magna Carta, which serves only to reinforce the unfair privileges of the City of London.

  • We will extend the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to include the entirety of the City of London Corporation’s assets.

  • To reduce the democratic deficit within the City, we will abolish the business vote in all City of London elections, allowing the residents of the City to decide their own future.

  • We will retain the role of Lord Mayor of London but only as a ceremonial figurehead of the City of London Council.

  • We will dissolve the City of London Police and bring the role of policing the City under the Metropolitan Police’s remit.

  • Abolish the City Minister position, ending the privileged position of the City of London to influence policy at the expense of the wider public.

  • To dampen the influence of the City of London in the legislative process, we will remove the City Remembrancer from the floor of the House of Commons and end the Remembrancer’s privileges to view legislation during the drafting process. Although granting these permissions is under the control of the Speaker, legislation should be enacted to ban the Remembrancer from resuming these permissions.