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Front Line Services

  • Police/front line services will be stripped of all unnecessary red tape allowing them to do their jobs properly.

  • A 10% pay increase for all front-line services personnel.

  • All required funding for all front-line services will be provided on day one of our government.

  • We will enact much stricter prison sentences for those who assault front line services personnel.


  • We will end the politicisation of police forces that took place with the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners. Instead, Police Authorities will be re-introduced, comprised of representatives of the police force, locally elected representatives, local magistrates and members of the public.

  • All frontline Police officers will be equipped with personal cameras for the potential reduction in complaints and violence.

Independent Police Complaints Commission

  • Expand the role of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to include all security companies that have been privately-contracted by the government, such as G4S.